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History of tomato paste

  • Tomato paste is traditionally made in parts of Sicily, southern Italy, and Malta by spreading out a much-reduced tomato sauce on wooden boards that are set outdoors under the hot August sun to dry the paste until it is thick enough when it is scraped up and held together in a richly colored, dark ball. Today, this artisan product is harder to find than the industrial version (which is much thinner). Commercial production uses tomatoes with thick pericarp walls and lower overall moisture; these are very different from tomatoes typically found in a supermarket.
  • Tomato paste became commercially available in the early 20th century.
  • Commitment- Committed to serve our consumers with quality product
  • Consistency - To constantly provide a healthy product for consumers in the market we operate
  • Loyalty - to forge a partnership with stakeholder
  • People Oriented- To train and develop our employees to meet the global skill standards within the Industry
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