Happy sunshine Co., Ltd is listed and win the GWABEA in the tomato mix manufacturing area.

Happy sunshine Co., Ltd is listed and win the business excellence in the tomato mix manufacturing area.

In the past year, the economic situation in Ghana and the world has been full of uncertainties, and the whole world entered the chapter of the post-epidemic era in a state of anxiety, tension and exhaustion. The Russo-Ukraine war, inflation of Ghana Cedis, and the sharp changes in the exchange rate against US dollar have all brought great challenges to the companies and managers operating and investing in Ghana. Under such circumstances, our company has not only broken through various hurdles and is always full of hope and confidence towards the future, but also has repeatedly set new highs in various performances, growing into the real industry pioneer.

Only by suffering through hardships can we become masters. By the time we are awarded honors, we should also review on ourselves, and strive to create more brilliant achievements in the future.

Sales managers with award

Sales managers and our distinguished customer

About the award

The Ghana – West Africa Business Excellence Awards is a rebrand from the prestigious West Africa Business Excellence Awards, endorsed by West Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Strategic Accountancy Africa provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the development of various sectors in Ghana and other respective West African countries.

The Awards recognizes the industry’s merits and set a benchmark for excellence, whilst rewarding innovative ideas that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. The Awards recognizes excellence in industries, sectors and individual/personality excellence.

The 2023 Awards promote and celebrate the outstanding achievements of organizations and individuals in West Africa business region.

Purpose of the award

To bring together business players and recognize achievements from local and international

companies involved in various sectors.

To reward those that have played a role in moving the West Africa industries and businesses forward and have demonstrated achievement across a wide variety of domains including customer service, safety, performance, leadership, prudence, operational and product

excellence and innovation.

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