The Adom Kwahu Easter Festival is a highly patronized Social and Cultural Event  in Ghana; recognized  globally. This is an event that attracts major international and local tourists and brands. It is simply a TRADE FAIR , amidst Social Pageantry.

This year event; though many patrons; particularly traders claimed did not attract as much attendance as the precursor ; certain unique circumstances made it a very special festival. To the surprise of many patrons ; the President of Ghana; along with a large entourage of Politicians and Party Executives; attended this year’s festival. This also attracted large presence of the media.

Branding was top notched; as many of the brands that attended wanted to create dominance; and interestingly our LAVONCE TOMATO MIX brand was no exception!

The Lavonce brand was one of the most dominant food brands on the streets of Obomeng and Mpraeso; major festival communities at the centre of Kwahu Easter Festival.

 The Marketing Department deployed over 15 pieces of telescopic flags, along with backdrops and about half dozen of branded canopies. Lavonce was heavily present and represented.

Finally. Several interviews were also conducted with the Marketing Head for Happy Sunshine Company Limited; to market the brand to the entire local and international audience of the Adom Media brands- ADOM TV, ADOM FM, Asempa FM and Nhyira FM of Kumasi.

This was simply, a MUST HAVE for the Lavonce brand and its attendance must be continuous.


•This was an exciting and exclusive On-line, On- Air (Radio and TV), and On- site event ; that gave a lot of exposure to the Lavonce brand. This was an attempt to conclude on-going competition among the Presenters of the Adom Media Group; to determine WHO is WHO. And interestingly; Lavonce was at the Centre of Attraction.  Most of the presenters interviewed live- endorsed and gave a positive word of mouth about cooking with the Lavonce Tomato Mix. It was a proud moment for the Marketing Team present ; and perhaps for all customers and consumers of our great brand. Lavonce was made a

•It was interesting to note that; most of these presenters who vary in popularity and has massive On-line following posted the event on their private Social Media handles – some posted heavily on Facebooks, twitter and even on Youtube! The Adom Group posted images and videos on Adom On-line and other also on various Social Media platforms. This was shown on Adom TV as news . However it was covered live on 3 FM Stations and Live on Adom On-line!

•This activity paid off the investment in this sponsorship.


•The Inter Community Football Gala was another event the Lavonce brand was associated with at the 2023 Adom Kwahu Easter Festival. Lavonce sponsored the event alongside other brands such as National Lotteries; Bel Beverages and Vodafone .

•The Games- Football, Volley ball, Oware, Ludo Game; etc, started around 10:00am in the Morning on Saturday and ended around 4:30pm in the evening. Our participation was mostly branding and sponsorship of the Winning Prizes. 10 buckets of Lavonce 70g x 100 was given away as prizes for the winning teams; as well as the match officials.


•The other major activity undertaken by the Happy Sunshine Company Marketing team at 2023 Adom Kwahu Easter Festival; was the acquisition of two promotion Stand at Mpraeso ; the Municipal Capital of Kwahu. Mpraeso is a major commercial town within the Kwahu Traditional Area. It boast of all modern infrastructural amenities- Colleges, Secondary Schools, Major Traditional Market, Lorry Terminals , and highly patronize pubs and Hotels.

•It is based on its commercial appeal; that the Department targeted it for brand activation. Interestingly so, the promotion activities made the Lavonce brand popular.

•The team managed to sell about 100 buckets of Lavonce    x100 for the two days promotion run at Mpraeso and marketed the brand to the community.


Our Participation in the multi-facet Social and Cultural Festival on the Kwahu highlands this year; was a highly successful one. The Lavonce brand had Visual Presence and could be adjudged to be one of the most visually dominant brand ; and brand that participated in multiple activities. The Lavonce brand ; after long media absence; pulled out a well planned Social Campaign and was successful. The Lavonce brand became a HERO in this event. Based on the success made during this event; the Marketing Department have resolved to search for more collaborations of this nature in the future ; to augment our Marketing Program.

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