The Afro Connect is an initiative of 3FM to celebrate Africa and rally for growth and development in a fun-filled environment whilst creating a platform for networking.

The day also commemorates the birthday of Ghana’s main independence leader, first Prime Minister, and first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The Afro Connect Event connected people , professionals and guests from over six African Countries; namely Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Liberia, Nigeria and Cote D’voire . There were very exciting games such as Draft, Ludo, Arrow Shooting, Snooker game, football, Volley ball and many others. Both young and adults had loads of fun . And as usual ; your favorite Tomato brand; Lavonce was fully represent; this is so because, Lavonce is a  brand that unites the family at all

Besides game; some dignitaries and high profile guests graced the event ground with their entourage; among them the Ebo Community of Ghana. They came with their traditional drumming group and filled the atmosphere with beautiful African Melodies; to the thrill of guests in attendance!

Several other guests; including some Europeans also graced the event with their presence. Everyone had fun and again ; Lavonce was present to ensure that friends and family were united and had a good time! This is truly the brand that units! Lavonce; ‘’LOVE DEY INSIDE!”

The Kitchen set looks great the cooking team look set and poised for action! As usual , your favorite Lavonce was represented here too ; with its nature fresh and tasty goodness! And true to itself; many people couldn’t wait to have a bite of the sumptuous Jollof Rice ; cooked with Lavonce!

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